Your specialist for industrial installation and relocation projects

From a single production machine, to all equipment, from a single line to the entire factory, Techno Team Group has all the necessary experience to complete the most challenging industrial installation and relocation projects in optimal conditions.

With a team of over 160 technicians, coordinators and staff with various qualifications and skills, we have installed and relocated a huge number of machines and production lines from all industrial sectors (metal processing, automotive industry, automotive electronics, wood and rubber industrialization.

We know that these projects have a major impact on regular production cycles and interfere with the natural rhythm of the factory’s efficiency, but we also understand the constraints and expectations of the customer in relation to our activities; we have a great capacity to adapt to changes in the pace of execution, as well as to variations in the volume of activities. We are flexible and we offer support to projects and their objectives.

From the mechanical and electrical disassembly, to packaging and loading in transport trucks (regular or oversized), with unloading at the destination and reinstallation in the initial configuration or with modifications, we have all the resources and knowledge to complete the turnkey project.

Complex and complete solutions, turnkey or with a fixed budget: Techno Team Group a single partner for your installation or relocation project