Complete project: disassembly, packaging, transport, unloading and reinstallation (from 1 equipment to the entire factory)

Whatever the complexity of the project, we have the ability to treat it integratedly, with the inclusion of all necessary resources.

We have a great capacity for organization, integration and management of all activities, stages and resources, so that we complete the project we have engaged in on time and within the allocated budget; the flexibility of the organization allows us to approach a relocation project of any size in the same professional manner.

Throughout our activity, we have relocated equipment for mechanical processing in projects to streamline the production flow, but also complete food production lines or for the production of electrical cables and conductors. We are also very familiar with the production lines from the automotive industry, rubber processing, automotive electronics, but also those dedicated to the wood processing industry.

Of course, the relocation of a production line may include, upon reinstallation, changes to the component and/or equipment configuration and adaptation to the constraints of the new production location; we are familiar with the adjustments of the initial parameters of the project and we ensure great flexibility in execution, so that the result of the relocation meets our client’s expectations.We understand and dedicate ourselves to the purpose and objectives of the project and are commited to achieve the expected result: the satisfaction of starting production on time in the new location.

Under one umbrella, with one contractor, with all integrated resources, with Techno Team Group your project can only be a successful one.