We have solutions and resources, we build the plan and make it work

As the industrial installation and relocation activities we’ve been involved in were progressing and developing, we understood that there are new services that we can integrate and that can bring even greater advantages to our clients: logistics services, packaging and industrial packing services, various warehousing for materials and tools, provision of temporary spaces for site activities, rental of machinery and equipment.

Although some of these activities do not represent our main scope, many of our clients ask us to supply such services, either for integration into our turnkey project, or as a supply contractor of resources for their own projects.

We have a great availability to integrate a varied range of resources and direct or indirect services, as well as a wide range of dedicated partners and suppliers, who, with the same professional interest, will ensure complete and complex support in our projects, or as suppliers for dedicated services for our customers.

Many times, when you schedule an activity in the field of industrial installation or relocation and you want to execute it directly, you find out that the personnel resources you have at your disposal are not sufficient, or do not cover the necessary qualifications and the recruitment for short-term activities is not a solution, Techno Team Group is the partner you need: we have the option of offering you complex teams of technicians to support your activities and projects.

We develop sustainable partnerships together.