Maintenance, repairs, major or annual overhauls – we are a partner close to your project

For many of the projects we’ve completed, we are requested to provide services in the area of maintenance activities, either as a main contractor for such services, or as a supplier of resources for the factorie’s own activities, preventive maintenance or as resources supplier for the general repairs scheduled.

Especially for the production lines we’ve installed or relocated, the activities we carry out in this service area are at the same level of professional quality as our core busuness services  in addition, we benefit from the direct experience gained into the initial installation / relocation project.

Our technicians are qualified and trained and will always achieve the best results, in the same triangle of efficiency: time – cost – quality.

For the scheduled maintenance projects or activities, or for the general revisions caused by the annual shutdown, we are available to provide operational resources: mechanical and electrical technicians, service personnel for handling equipment, etc.

Our activities can be managed either by integrating the Techno Team Group resources into your teams, or by allocating some activities as a contractor to us. Whichever alternative you may choose, your result will be the same: the satisfaction of being done on time and within the allocated budget.