Professional installation and relocation services for all industries

From the metal processing industry to the food industry and from the automotive industry to the wood industrialization industry, we have accumulated a vast and varied experience related to the installation and relocation of machinery and production lines.

We are familiar with the challenges of installing robots on assembly lines, but also with the ones for transporting and distributing goods and parcels in automated warehouses; we have a lot of experience in the installation of curing presses lines for car tires, as well as those of metal stamping in the automotive industry.

The presses for the plastic materials injection are a family of equipment that we install and relocate on a regular basis, but we have also installed drawing and extrusion lines for the production industry of cables and electrical conductors.

We have a complex and extended team of technicians, with various qualifications, who have accumulated thousands of hours of activities in all areas of industrial production; their experience is integrated in our projects and results: execution time within contracted limits / matching into the allocated budget / exceptional quality of execution. Recently, we got involved in the relocation of installations and equipment from the petrochemical industry, activities that help us increase the diversity of the accumulated experience.

Your installation project represents for us a reliable investment that we honor with dedication, involvement and professional interest